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The Coffee Shop

Celebrating over 25 years as a locally owned busniess

OCC is the island’s original coffee shop dedicated to providing you with an idyllic setting to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, delicious smoothie, and scrumptious breakfast. Our little corner of the island is the ideal/perfect location to sit back and relax—smell the sweet jasmine, meet someone new, or get reacquainted with old friends.

We pride ourselves in offering personal contact with each person enters the shop.  Our staff works hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome and gets exactly what they order.  It may take a bit longer then you might be used to, but we hope you find yourself on “island time”--enjoy your time chatting with folks around you and making the all important decisions (bagel or cinnamon bun??).  

Perhaps you've already sat on our deck and enjoyed a cup of our world-famous coffee or smoothie. You may already have a favorite spot under the cedar tree—to you we say “Welcome Back”!  If you are new to the island, we hope you will find time to chat with a local or simply watch the world go by from one of our Adirondack chairs on the lawn. 

And finally… smoothie sippers and java junkies rejoice!, You'll be relieved to know that Ocracoke Coffee Company is now able to ship your favorite OCC coffee, T shirt, or mug!  If you leave the island and find you just can’t live without a pound of Coconut or our Sunrise Blend, let us know…we’ll get some right out to you. 

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